Consortium for Pacific Arts and Culture, Hawaii

CPAC hired Community Arts International to curate and promote the indigenous and contemporary arts of the Pacific Rim in order to introduce these unique art forms to a global audience. Artists were selected to participate in a traveling sales exhibition of traditional crafts and unique contemporary art. The Pacific Rim has long been overlooked by the broad contemporary art community.

Because of the long distance between the Pacific Islands and the mainland, the project brought the work of these artists to the attention of a broader audience with exhibitions staged at the California State Fair, the San Francisco Exposition Center, the Fowler Museum, Los Angeles, and exhibition space in downtown Honolulu and at the Hong Kong Convention Center. Artists were selected from Guam, the Mariana Islands, American Samoa and Hawaii.

Pacific Islands Basket Weaving
Pacific Islands Basket Weaving

Hawaii State Council for Arts and Culture, Honolulu

CAI acted as consultant and advisor to the public arts program for the state of Hawaii. CAI was an advisor to the Hawaii State Museum in downtown Honolulu and for exhibition programs at the Honolulu International Airport and the Kauai Airport. Consultant services in 2002 dealt with the care and conservation of the public art collection at the Honolulu International Airport.

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