CAI was hired to recommend artists for the project. The architect's vision is that the artist will create a digital artwork using LED technology to be integrated into the façade of the office buildings in the designated LED surface area.

The architect has designed a "canvas" on the facade of the building, situated about 4 or 5 stories above ground level. It is conceived that the two areas will be one work composed of two components that relate to one another. The buildings are visually unique, sharing the same architecture vocabulary. The artworks can differ from one another but should relate sharing the same art concepts.

According to the architect, Peter Choi, "The piece is conceived as monochromatic digital media art. Seoul at night is incredibly colorful-lots of LED ridden facades with mega sized digital screens that scream for attention with commercials and announcements. Blade Runner is literally here. The piece should be a subtle statement of art distinguishing itself well apart from the ever present commercial use of Seoul's billboard digital."

Spanish artist Jaume Plensa was chosen to create the digital artwork.

15 Douglas Street
San Francisco, CA 94114


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